Rewind Module

In the rewind module the processed web is rewound onto a 3 inch diameter spool.  An ultrasonic sensor senses the edge of the web and adjusts the position of the spool so that a clean well aligned spool is wound.   An interleaf layer can be added to protect sensitive features from damage.  The interleaf material is simply wound together with the primary web.  Tension can be set to adjust how tight the spool is wound.

The information of how rapidly the spool is growing is actually fed back into the system and compared to the starting dimension of the web as it was unwound.  In this manner average coating thickness on the web can be determined.

Options available include post bake thermal cure or post UV cure to complete curing prior to spooling the web.

Technical Specifications

Tension Control Active
Edge Guide +-0.1mm
Sensor Type Ultrasonic/Optical

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