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Carpe Diem is a leading developer of innovative laboratory and production solutions utilizing Nano-technology, precision positioning and roll to roll manufacturing technologies to serve the printed electronics, printed optics, medical device and bio-printing markets. Carpe Diem’s offerings include turnkey roll to roll systems, subsystems, and components utilizing its patented and patent pending modular building blocks as well as those from its technology leading partners.

Technology / Applications

Semiconductor and printing technologies are being deployed at the nanoscale with nanoparticle inks and materials to unlock properties, behaviors, and capabilities to creating new applications never possible until now. Carpe Diem is creating enabling technology to move from the lab to production.

Products & Solutions

We provide a complete or a-la-carte “open” modular tool set with integrated controls for the development and production of nano enabled printed electronics, microfluidics, meta materials and optical devices utilizing the most advanced processes.

Industry News

Carpe Diem News

Press release: Carpe Diem Technologies Receives Exclusive License for Nano Imprint Aligned Printed Electronics and Capillary Devices

BOSTON, December 10, 2019 Carpe Diem Technologies, Inc. (Carpe Diem) has signed an exclusive license agreement with the University of Minnesota for the commercialization of breakthrough printed electronics technology.  The technology is called SCALE (Self-aligned Capillarity-Assisted Lithography for Electronics), and is particularly suitable for printing on flexible substrates, such as paper and plastic.... Read more →

Technology Spotlight

Gravure Rolls

Carpe Diem Technologies is now manufacturing small diameter Gravure Rolls. These rolls function using the reverse kiss coating method which applies a smooth consistent coating to the web. The smaller diameter has been proven to produce a more precise coating which is important when used for processes in medical, electronics, optics, and energy fields.