Standard Module

Each standard base has a breadboard that is fastened to a granite slab. The granite is attached to an industrial cabinet that holds the electronics for each individual module.

The electronics of the system consist of:

  • standard 16 channel 24 Volt digital I/O
  • 4 channels of 0-10V
  • 12 bit analog in and out
  • 54 channels of 5-volt digital I/O
  • 8 bit 16 channels of 0-5 analog
  • convenient addressable and configurable from HMI

The bread board uses ¼-20 tapped holes that are located on 1 inch centers to allow the components locations to be adaptable.

Modifications for motors and components will vary with each complete system.

Housing the electronics separately for each individual module allows the system to be assembled and disassembled without having to rewire the entire system. This makes adding or moving an individual module easy.

Module Typical Dimensions 6 inch

  • Height: 70 in (1.778m)
  • Width:  36 in (0.9144m)
  • Depth:  24 in (0.6096m)

Module Typical Dimensions 12 inch

  • Height: 70 in (1.778m)
  • Width:  36 in (0.9144m)
  • Depth:  30 in (0.762m)

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