All of the Carpe Diem advanced special purpose systems have at its core a special purpose module adjacent to the common unwind, rewind, and coat function modules.

Carpe Diem delivers not only functional modularity but also a convenient physical and virtual platform with modules which are physically pluggable and moveable with a simple pallet jack and software which is configured with HTML configuration files.

Each process step (unwind, targeted process, rewind) takes place on its own three-foot-wide modular frame, daisy chained electrically, mechanically and in software. This allows easy transport, easy reconfiguration, and extendibility for future requirements. Up to 6 modules (of an available 10) can be chained together to build a greater than 18-foot-long web process line.

All of our modules are controlled from the HMI interface in the Unwind & Control Module and then up to 6 of an available 10 different modules are daisy chained together to create a process line or system.  Carpe Diem or 3rd party Components can be added conveniently by the user to the modules or system.

Unwind & Control


Sinter & Rewind

Contact Aligner

Direct Write/Stepper Aligner

Thermal Emboss



Standard Module