Gravure Rolls

Carpe Diem Technologies is now manufacturing small diameter Gravure Rolls. These rolls function using the reverse kiss coating method which applies a smooth consistent coating to the web. The smaller diameter has been proven to produce a more precise homogenous coating which is important when used for processes in medical, electronics, optics, and energy fields.​

These gravure rolls are compatible with Yasui Seiki MICROGRAVURE®* rolls and can be used interchangeably in any system. Carpe Diem Technologies’ Gravure Rolls are designed to produce a consistent, even coating between a wide range of coating thicknesses, data shown in table below. Gravure Rolls are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters, with varying pitch and depth specifications.

Manufactured in the USA, the lead time for these rolls are routinely under three weeks, but can be expedited if necessary.

Groove Shape

Pattern Type

Additional patterns are available.


Common angles that are available are: 30, 45, 60

Further angles available from 0˚ to 90˚

Common Overall Dimensions

  • Length, L 150mm
  • Groove Length,Gl 120mm
  • Diameter 20mm

All Dimensions adjustable to meet consumers specifications.

Tri Helical Specifications

Chart above shows the relationship between Lines Per Inch (LPI) and the possible wet coating thickness that can be achieved using Carpe Diem Technologies gravure rods.

Technical Specifications

Diameter, D 20 mm (standard)
Groove Length, Gl 120mm-600mm
Angle 45˚ (standard)
Screen Count Range 20-250LPI
Cell Shape Helical (standard)

Basic Information

Material 7076-T6 Aluminum,Chrome, Nickel, Titanium
Usage Coating, Printing, Laminating, Printed Electronics
Type Gravure Roll
Style Reverse KISS Coating Method

*MICROGRAVURE® is a registered trademark of Yasui Seiki Co. Ltd.  Yasui Seiki Co. Ltd. does not sponsor or endorse this product and has no affiliation with Carpe Diem Technologies, Inc.

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