Vacuum Rollers

A vacuum roller is used to transport a web by only touching one side – without a pinch roller on the other side.  This is very useful in keeping the untouched side clean especially when that surface may be wet.  The force that can be exerted depends upon the atmospheric opposing force and the magnitude of the vacuum.

Carpe Diem Technologies patented vacuum rollers are unique in that they are internally valved so that vacuum is only applied in the wrap area of the web.  This results in force being applied to the web without a corresponding high flow of air.  This allows a more controlled force to be applied and even a higher force without large blowers – thus with much higher efficiency.

Key Features

  • Roller reduces energy used by system
  • Minimizes frictional forces during rotation
  • Designed with the ability to define a specific area of vacuum
  • Uniform suction force allows roller to better grip web
  • Lower pressure inside roller

Carpe Diem’s design makes use of magnetic elements, highlighted above, which draw small ball bearings from a closed position to open, allowing vacuum to flow through the paths in contact with the web. When the magnetic elements are not in proximity with the ball bearings, the ball is pulled back against a seat thus closing the valve.

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