UV Nano Imprint Lithography through the Drum

NIL with UV Cure through Drum

Modules standard with system include:

  • Unwind
  • Coating
  • UV NIL
  • Rewind

Product Description and Features

The web may be opaque in which case the stamper and drum must be transparent. In this case, the UV illumination comes from within the stamper drum utilizing Carpe Diem’s high power self-contained water cooled UV LED source in 365nm, 385 nm or 405 nm wavelengths and up to 100 watts of optical power for high web speed. Using a resist with a gel requirement of .5 joule/cm2 leads to a web speed of up to 120 cm/min or 47 ipm. Carpe Diem provides both versions with either high quality aircraft grade aluminum or UV transparent quartz drums.

Once the cure is initiated, the material requires a time to gel. This occurs as the web travels to the stripping roller where the web with the replicated pattern is stripped from the mold on the stamper. The system can exert up to 25 pounds of web tension to peel the web off of the mold.



Exposure Uniformity <5%
Cooling Method Water Cooled
Wavelength 365nm
Brightness Control 0-10V
Input Power 48V

Other sizes and options available upon request


Coating Thickness .5-100um
Accuracy of Coating Thickness 2-5%
Viscosity Range 20-100000cP
Speed Range 5-800in/min
Width 6in
Roll Diameters 1in
Wet Thickness 2-100um

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