Coating Module

The Carpe Diem Coating module applies a uniform controlled thickness coating to a web for drying, curing, or subsequent processing. The available coating options include: Slot die, in which a low to high viscosity fluid is extruded through a die at a metered rate; Ink jet for coating or digitally patterning very low viscosity fluids; and reverse kiss gravure coat or gravure print in which the volume of material transferred is precisely controlled by the volume contained in a relief pattern in a gravure roller.


  • Photoresist for Nano Imprint Lithography • Photoresist for Optical Lithography
  • Encapsulation
  • Nanoparticle Ink Coating
  • Functional Material
  • Printed Battery, Electronics
  • Oriented Coatings – Polarizers, Conductors
  • Large Area Coating

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