CENTAURI Rewind & Sintering Module

This CENTAURI rewind module can be added to any system to provide the ultimate in post web processing flexibility. It, of course, winds the web back on a spool with ultrasonic edge guidance and tension control. Importantly, It is the last module in a Carpe Diem system which might have involved coating, printing, 3D printing or nano-imprint lithography. In many of these processes a final treatment step is required to optimize the process. This can be sintering metals for better thermal conductivity, sintering oxides to eliminate binder, create graphene, reacting the inks to transform properties and curing gelled UV polymer to increase hardness.


  • Sinter Conductive Inks
  • Sinter Oxide Inks
  • NIL Post Cure
  • NIL Residual Layer Clear
  • Reactive Ink Processing
  • Universal Rewind

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