Nano-solution conductive inks based on metal and metal oxides.

GenesInk offers a comprehensive range of conductive and semi-conductive inks for the IoT, printed electronic market. All printing methods are covered with specific formulations; hassle free and user friendly formulations!

SmartInk products are the right solutions for printing highly conductive and flexible circuits. SmartInk products are curable at very low temperature and provide low sheet resistances.

GenesInk Smart Gravure S-CS51301 ink successfully qualified with Carpe Diem equipment for gravure, flexo and nano-imprint processes.

Roll-to-roll manufacturing capabilities, including microstructured film replication.

FLEXcon can produce a microstructured design or texture on a film to achieve specific functionality, including applications in microfluidics, optics, and biomimicry. Custom product samples and scanning electron microscopy confirm accurate replication of your microstructure, and trial runs ensure consistent quality for commercial success. Your technology can then be paired with an adhesive and liner, if appropriate, and production can be scaled up to suit your needs.

Whether you’ve already created a microstructure pattern, or you only have a concept for one, FLEXcon is ready to help you reach the next step in development.