We provide “standardized” complete systems or an a-la-carte “open” modular tool set for the development and production of nano enabled printed electronics, microfluidics, meta materials and optical devices utilizing the most advanced processes for integration on flexible substrates from polymer films and metal foil to paper and textiles.

All of our systems are integrated with an HMI interface with smart access to the critical control parameters governing a process.  All systems consist of the required Unwind & Control Module and then up to 6 of an available 10 different modules daisy chained together to create a process line.  Carpe Diem or 3rd party Components can be added conveniently by the user to the system.

Advanced processes and capabilities with Carpe Diem unique developments include:

  • Nano Imprint Lithography
  • Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Direct Write (Maskless) Lithography with TI DLP9000
  • Contact Lithography and Alignment
  • Interferometric Alignment and Inspection
  • Optical Alignment
  • Inkjet

We provide specialized ongoing support services and custom solutions.  Contact us with your unique requirements.




Customized Solutions